Helium Liquefiers Workshop


Mercedes Benz World, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey



LOT invite you to our Helium liquefiers workshop which is being held at Mercedes Benz World on Wednesday 28th November 2012.


Please note that as interest has mainly been in the Helium liquefiers, we have decided to concentrate the workshop on just this area and not the Optical Cryostation which was previously advertised.


The new compact lab-focused Helium liquefiers from LOT allow you to recover the Helium gas currently being lost from the boil off and helium transfers of your cryogenic instruments. Dewar capacity sizes are either 80 or 160 litres, and the liquefaction rates can be as high as 22 litres per day. All systems have a fully automated touch panel control and are portable for seamless cryogen transfer. Additionally, both direct and indirect recovery systems are available to accommodate your custom requirements.


Registration is free of charge for this day and will include lunch and refreshments. Numbers will be limited so early registration is advised.


Online Registration

To register please use the on-line Registration Form or contact Angela Carslake on 01372 378822, email angela@lotoriel.co.uk




We will acknowledge your registration without a couple of days.  If you do0n’t hear back from us within that time, please email angela@lotoriel.co.uk to check we have received it


Displayed products:

Reliquefier for helium



Displayed products:

Reliquefier for helium


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