Hyperspectral Imaging


A spectral camera images a line of an object and provides the spectral information of each pixel in the second dimension of the line. Corresponding software displays a 3 dimensional spectral cube of an object or displays spectral information of moving objects.


A hyperspectral camera system includes optics, an imaging spectrograph, a camera displaying the spectral information and a software package to display and calculate the results.


Our range of products for hyperspectral imaging applications consists of imaging spectrographs from our partner Specim, full spectral cameras or complete hyperspectral camera systems including both.


Specim offers a broad range of Imspector imaging spectrographs from the UV, over the visible range to the near and mid infrared. The Imspector spectrographs can be integrated in your set ups.


Our spectral cameras cover the same range using CCD and CMOS detectors in the UV and visible range, InGaAs and MCT cameras in the near infrared, and InSb and microbolometers for hyperspectral imaging in the thermal infrared.


Hyperspectral cameras can be integrated in complete NIR chemical imaging systems and SWIR spectral camera systems which are commonly used in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Our SisuRock hyperspectral core imaging workstation is an automated spectral imager used in geology and mineralogy.


Hyperspectral cameras are a well known tool for remote sensing applications. Our AISA airborne hyperspectral system can also be equipped with spectral cameras covering a range from the visible spectrum up to the LWIR .






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Hyperspectral Imaging - Product range


Imaging Spectrographs


Inspector - Workstation for automized spectral analysis

Imaging Spectrograph ImSpector
Imaging Spectrograph ImSpector UV 200 nm-400 nm
Imaging Spectrograph ImSpector Raman
Imaging Spectrograph ImSpector Vis and VisNIR (380 nm - 800 nm rsp 400 nm-1000 nm)

Imaging Spectrograph ImSpector Fast10 VisNIR High Speed (400 nm-1000 nm)

Imaging Spectrograph ImSpector V16M VisNIR and NIR (600 nm - 1600 nm)

Imaging Spectrograph ImSpector NIR (900 nm - 1700 nm) und SWIR 1000 nm-2500 nm)
Imaging Spectrograph ImSpector MWIR (3 µm - 5 µm)


Spectral cameras


Spectral cameras
Spectral cameras HS Series Vis and VisNIR (380 nm - 800 nm rsp 400 nm-1000 nm)
Spectral cameras PS Series Vis and VisNIR (380 nm - 800 nm rsp 400 nm-1000 nm)

Spectral cameras PFD Series Vis and VisNIR (380 nm - 800 nm rsp 400 nm-1000 nm)

Spectral camera sCMOS Vis and VisNIR (380 nm - 800 nm rsp 400 nm-1000 nm)

Spectral camera Broad band VisNIR 600 – 1600 nm

Spectral cameras NIR 900 – 1700 nm

Spectral camera SWIR 1000 – 2500 nm

Spectral camera MWIR 3 – 5 µm
Spectral cameras LWIR 8-14 µm


Applications using Hyperspectral Imaging


AisaIBIS Fluorescence imager

Evince - Chemometrics Software

SisuCHEMA system for spectral analysis in the pharmaceutical industry

SisuROCK for spectral analysis of geological samples

Single Core Scanner for hyperspectral Imaging of geological samples

Aisa airborne hyperspectral systems (product overview)

AisaEAGLE VNIR hyperspectral system (400 - 970 nm)

AisaEAGLET VNIR hyperspectral compact system (400 - 1000 nm)

AisaHAWK SWIR hyperspectral system (970 - 2500 nm)

AisaDUAL VNIR and SWIR hyperspectral system (400 – 970 nm und 970 - 2500 nm)

AisaOWL LWIR- hyperspectral system (8 – 12 µm)

AisaFENIX VNIR-, NIR- and SWIR hyperspectral system (380 - 2500 nm)

AisaFENIX 1k, full range VNIR-, NIR- and SWIR hyperspectral system (380 - 2500 nm)

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